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American roulette wheel click to hear : American roulette wheel

Piece of equipment used to determine the winning number and color; the American roulette wheel has an additional compartment (the double zero).
American roulette wheel image
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compartment cross handle number ivory ball stationary bowl rotating wheel fret double zero

compartment click to hear : compartment

Each of the hollow slots in front of a number where the ball can land to determine the winning number and color.

cross handle click to hear : cross handle

Grip shaped like a cross that is used by the croupier to rotate the wheel.

number click to hear : number

Each of the red or black numbers 1 through 36, including a green zero and double zero.

ivory ball click to hear : ivory ball

Small ball that the croupier drops into the stationary bowl; it rolls around the rotating wheel and stops in one of the compartments to determine the winning number and color.

stationary bowl click to hear : stationary bowl

Basin inside which the rotating wheel turns and into which the ivory ball is dropped.

rotating wheel click to hear : rotating wheel

Wheel with 38 numbered compartments that turns inside a stationary bowl.

fret click to hear : fret

Each of the metal edges separating the compartments.

double zero click to hear : double zero

Number added to the American roulette wheel.