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snowmobile click to hear : snowmobile

Motorized vehicle with a track and skis for moving rapidly on snow; some snowmobiles reach speeds of 200 km/h.
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ski air scoop body shock absorber footboard reflector snow guard sprocket track idler wheel headlight cab windshield handlebars brake handle seat backrest luggage rack rear bumper

ski click to hear : ski

Relatively wide blade that is attached to the front of the snowmobile and allows it to glide on snow; the skis are steered by the handlebars.

air scoop click to hear : air scoop

Opening for letting the outside air in to cool the engine.

body click to hear : body

Snowmobile structure that houses and protects the mechanical components.

shock absorber click to hear : shock absorber

Cylindrical device that is attached to the ski and coupled with a spring; it absorbs shocks caused by unevenness on the snow.

footboard click to hear : footboard

Step used to board the snowmobile.

reflector click to hear : reflector

Device that reflects light back to its source to make the snowmobile visible at night.

snow guard click to hear : snow guard

Rubber or plastic part attached to the rear of the track that protects against flying snow.

sprocket click to hear : sprocket

Wheel with teeth, which make successive contact with the track teeth to transmit its motion and propel the snowmobile.

track click to hear : track

Belt into which the sprockets mesh; it provides the snowmobile’s traction.

idler wheel click to hear : idler wheel

Wheel that keeps the track taut.

headlight click to hear : headlight

Lamp on the front of the vehicle to light up the space in front.

cab click to hear : cab

Lidlike part of the body that covers and protects the engine.

windshield click to hear : windshield

Resistant glass and plastic panel that protects the operator from the wind and inclement weather.

handlebars click to hear : handlebars

Device made up of two handles that the operator manipulates to steer the snowmobile.

brake handle click to hear : brake handle

Lever the operator activates to slow down or stop the snowmobile.

seat click to hear : seat

Seat, usually made of leather, on which the operator sits; a passenger can sit behind the operator.

backrest click to hear : backrest

Part supporting the passenger’s lower back.

luggage rack click to hear : luggage rack

Structure attached to the rear of the snowmobile for transporting baggage.

rear bumper click to hear : rear bumper

Malleable component attached to the rear of the snowmobile to dampen impact in the event of collision; it also acts as a handle for moving the snowmobile.