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pistol click to hear : pistol

Short light handgun that is held in one hand; it is loaded with a magazine inside the butt.
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magazine base butt magazine catch trigger trigger guard slide magazine hammer rear sight barrel front sight cartridge

magazine base click to hear : magazine base

The bottom of the magazine.

butt click to hear : butt

The bottom part of the gun that is used to hold and aim it.

magazine catch click to hear : magazine catch

Device that joins the magazine to the butt.

trigger click to hear : trigger

Device that is pressed to fire the weapon.

trigger guard click to hear : trigger guard

Metal piece covering and protecting the trigger.

slide click to hear : slide

Movable part used to load the weapon; it recoils when a shot is fired and pushes a new cartridge into the chamber of the barrel.

magazine click to hear : magazine

Device that slides into the butt of the pistol; it contains from seven to 17 cartridges, which are automatically fed into the barrel of the pistol.

hammer click to hear : hammer

Part that triggers the shot by striking the firing pin, which in turn strikes the cartridge primer causing the powder charge to explode.

rear sight click to hear : rear sight

Notch in the weapon’s rear sight; the rear sight is lined up with the front sight when taking aim.

barrel click to hear : barrel

Tubular part that guides the trajectory of the projectile.

front sight click to hear : front sight

Metal aiming device attached to the front of the barrel.

cartridge click to hear : cartridge

Ammunition consisting of a projectile (ball or lead), an explosive charge (gunpowder) and a primer collected inside a casing.