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weapons image

Instruments or devices used for attack or defense.

weapons in the Stone Age image

weapons in the Stone Age
Weapons used mainly for hunting in prehistory (Paleolithic and Neolithic).

thrusting and cutting weapons image

thrusting and cutting weapons
Weapons with steel blades of various lengths designed to pierce or cut.

revolver image

Pistol with a rotary magazine, which usually contains six cartridge chambers.

pistol image

Short light handgun that is held in one hand; it is loaded with a magazine inside the butt.

submachine gun image

submachine gun
Shoulder-held automatic assault weapon that fires handgun cartridges in bursts.

light machine gun image

light machine gun
Light automatic assault weapon that can be single-shot or automatic; its barrel is supported by a bipod.

automatic rifle image

automatic rifle
Portable assault rifle that fires cartridges; in automatic weapons such as submachine guns and light machine guns, the cartridges are fed by a magazine or a belt.

modern mortar image

modern mortar
Portable muzzle-loaded infantry weapon used to discharge high-angle fire.

modern howitzer image

modern howitzer
Direct-fire piece of artillery that launches a round of oval projectiles (shells); its size is between that of a cannon and a mortar.

recoilless rifle image

recoilless rifle
Portable weapon that functions by balancing thrust; to prevent recoil, a projectile and a gas jet are projected in opposite directions.

bazooka image

Portable antitank weapon that launches self-propelled projectiles (rockets).

hand grenade image

hand grenade
Light projectile thrown by hand and made up of a metal or plastic casing loaded with an explosive charge and a firing mechanism.

tank image

Armed and armored vehicle mounted on track shoes.

antipersonnel mine image

antipersonnel mine
Explosive device designed to be triggered by a person’s weight.

frigate image

Warship used for antiaircraft, antisubmarine and antiship operations.

weapons in the age of the Romans image

weapons in the age of the Romans
Weapons used during the period of antiquity dominated by the Roman Empire (1st century BC to AD 476).

armor image

Assemblage of molded and articulated metal pieces worn as protection during the Middle Ages.

bows and crossbow image

bows and crossbow
Weapons for hunting and war consisting of a bowstring, which is stretched to fire a projectile such as an arrow or bolt.

harquebus image

Firearm used until the 17th century; it was held against the shoulder and fired by means of a wick, a wheel or a flint.

seventeenth century cannon and mortar image

seventeenth century cannon and mortar
Stationary firearms designed for direct fire (cannon) or high-angle fire (mortar).

missiles image

Self-propelled projectiles that carry a destructive payload.

combat aircraft image

combat aircraft
Military aircraft used for attack purposes.

aircraft carrier image

aircraft carrier
Warship designed to carry combat aircraft and provide a flight deck for takeoff and landing.

nuclear submarine image

nuclear submarine
Underwater warship that operates on nuclear energy; it can remain underwater for months without surfacing.