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hand grenade click to hear : hand grenade

Light projectile thrown by hand and made up of a metal or plastic casing loaded with an explosive charge and a firing mechanism.
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lead ball tape fuse body detonator bursting charge base plug filling hole spring Bakelite® body primer striker safety cap cover

lead ball click to hear : lead ball

Lead mass that trips the striker on impact.

tape click to hear : tape

Band wound around the fuse; when the grenade is thrown, the tape unwinds and removes a pin, which in turn releases the lead ball that trips the striker.

fuse body click to hear : fuse body

Bakelite® casing whose threaded base is screwed onto the grenade.

detonator click to hear : detonator

Piece that triggers the charge.

bursting charge click to hear : bursting charge

Explosive chemical substance inserted into the grenade.

base plug click to hear : base plug

Bakelite® screw that closes the hole where the detonator is placed in the body of the grenade.

filling hole click to hear : filling hole

Part that closes the hole containing the bursting charge.

spring click to hear : spring

Device that holds or releases the striker.

Bakelite® body click to hear : Bakelite® body

Plastic casing that covers the explosive charge and the detonator.

primer click to hear : primer

Metal piece filled with a compound that creates a spark when hit by the striker; this in turn ignites the detonator.

striker click to hear : striker

The firing pin that strikes the primer.

safety cap click to hear : safety cap

Part that holds the tape around the fuse; it is removed when the grenade is thrown.

cover click to hear : cover

The upper part of the grenade containing the firing mechanism.