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thrusting and cutting weapons click to hear : thrusting and cutting weapons

Weapons with steel blades of various lengths designed to pierce or cut.
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dagger poniard stiletto broadsword rapier saber

dagger click to hear : dagger

Sword with a short wide blade whose point could be slipped between the links of chain mail.

poniard click to hear : poniard

Single-edged weapon with a short pointed wide blade.

stiletto click to hear : stiletto

Weapon with a tapered pointed blade small enough to slip between the links of chain mail.

broadsword click to hear : broadsword

Long heavy double-edged sword held with two hands and used mainly during the Middle Ages.

rapier click to hear : rapier

Sword with a long tapered blade that was once used for dueling.

saber click to hear : saber

Weapon with a long, usually curved blade and one sharp edge.