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flintlock click to hear : flintlock

Firing mechanism triggered when a flint struck a piece of steel.
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pan cover steel steel spring pan trigger flint cock

pan cover click to hear : pan cover

Piece that closed the pan to protect the priming powder; though independent, it toggled when the steel struck the priming powder.

steel click to hear : steel

Piece of steel that the flint struck; it was an essential part of the firing mechanism.

steel spring click to hear : steel spring

Part that controlled the steel and the pan cover.

pan click to hear : pan

Container holding the priming powder.

trigger click to hear : trigger

Piece of the firing mechanism that was pressed to set off the shot.

flint click to hear : flint

Stone that struck the steel to produce the spark needed to ignite the priming powder.

cock click to hear : cock

Controlled by the trigger, this piece allowed the flint to strike the steel.