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Roman legionary click to hear : Roman legionary

Soldier in a Roman legion who belonged to a citizens’ unit of troops, which formed the basis of the Roman army (about 6,000 men).
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sandal javelin tunic gladius cuirass crest shield

sandal click to hear : sandal

Footwear with a studded sole that was attached to the foot by leather laces that came just above the ankle.

javelin click to hear : javelin

Weapon with a wooden shaft and a long metal rod that was used for combat at close quarters or as a projectile.

tunic click to hear : tunic

Short-sleeved garment that legionaries wore under the cuirass.

gladius click to hear : gladius

Short double-edged sword used for hand-to-hand combat.

cuirass click to hear : cuirass

Armor made up of articulated metal strips used to protect the chest, back and shoulders.

crest click to hear : crest

Feathers or bristles decorating the top of the helmet.

shield click to hear : shield

Wooden piece of armor carried on the arm to protect against enemy blows.