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crossbow click to hear : crossbow

Weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a tiller and fitted with tension and trigger mechanisms.
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stirrup pulley block bowstring bolt trigger crank pulley tiller nut groove bow

stirrup click to hear : stirrup

Device used to hold the crossbow in a vertical position when stretching the bowstring.

pulley block click to hear : pulley block

Device made up of cords, cables or chains and a double pulley system that increases the bowstring’s tension.

bowstring click to hear : bowstring

Fibers secured to the bow that are stretched to fire a bolt.

bolt click to hear : bolt

Projectile ending in a point with four sides.

trigger click to hear : trigger

Device that launches the shot by lowering the nut.

crank click to hear : crank

Device that rotates to tighten the pulley block cord.

pulley click to hear : pulley

Small wheel on which the pulley block cord turns when the crank is turned.

tiller click to hear : tiller

Piece that supports the bow and anchors the tension and trigger mechanisms.

nut click to hear : nut

Piece that holds the stretched bowstring in one of its grooves.

groove click to hear : groove

Notch in the tiller holding the bolt and guiding it toward the target.

bow click to hear : bow

Principal part of a crossbow; it bends when the bowstring is stretched to fire a bolt.