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submachine gun click to hear : submachine gun

Shoulder-held automatic assault weapon that fires handgun cartridges in bursts.
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magazine magazine catch barrel trigger guard butt plate trigger pistol grip receiver rear sight front sight

magazine click to hear : magazine

Part containing the cartridges, which are automatically fed into the gun barrel.

magazine catch click to hear : magazine catch

Device that attaches the magazine to the weapon.

barrel click to hear : barrel

Tubular part that guides the trajectory of the projectile.

trigger guard click to hear : trigger guard

Metal piece covering and protecting the trigger.

butt plate click to hear : butt plate

Back part of the weapon that is held against the shoulder.

trigger click to hear : trigger

Device that is pressed to fire the weapon.

pistol grip click to hear : pistol grip

Part for holding and aiming the weapon; its shape is similar to that of a pistol butt.

receiver click to hear : receiver

Metal casing around the weapon’s firing mechanism.

rear sight click to hear : rear sight

Articulated graduated aiming device attached to the back of the barrel; the rear sight is lined up with the front sight when aiming.

front sight click to hear : front sight

Metal aiming device attached to the front of the barrel.