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island click to hear : island

The elements that make up the superstructure of the aircraft carrier; it is on the starboard side of the flight deck so that the takeoff and landing runways remain clear.
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air control radar communication antenna bridge control tower height finder surface surveillance radar air navigation device

air control radar click to hear : air control radar

Instrument that detects aircraft and controls traffic on the carrier deck.

communication antenna click to hear : communication antenna

Device that provides quality radio communications.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Platform where the aircraft carrier’s navigation operations are carried out.

control tower click to hear : control tower

Room where airborne operations management (takeoff, flight, landing) is carried out.

height finder click to hear : height finder

Device that indicates an aircraft’s altitude to help it to land.

surface surveillance radar click to hear : surface surveillance radar

Instrument that detects obstacles such as ships and icebergs on the surface of the water.