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modern mortar click to hear : modern mortar

Portable muzzle-loaded infantry weapon used to discharge high-angle fire.
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bipod traversing handle base plate tube elevating handle sight muzzle

bipod click to hear : bipod

A two-legged support whose function, with the base plate, is to stabilize the weapon during firing.

traversing handle click to hear : traversing handle

Device used to adjust the direction of the mortar.

base plate click to hear : base plate

Part designed to prevent the tube from sinking into the ground from the impact of recoil.

tube click to hear : tube

Cylindrical tube used to fire projectiles.

elevating handle click to hear : elevating handle

Mechanism used to regulate the mortar’s angle of fire.

sight click to hear : sight

Device used to set the line of fire.

muzzle click to hear : muzzle

Opening through which the projectile leaves the tube.