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muzzle loading click to hear : muzzle loading

The muzzle characterized all nonportable firearms such as cannon and mortar.
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astragal trunnion wheel cheek wedge muzzle chase second reinforce first reinforce vent base ring button carriage barrel

astragal click to hear : astragal

The moldings used to join the various sections of the barrel together.

trunnion click to hear : trunnion

Cylindrical piece used to rest the barrel on the carriage and to pivot it when setting up the shot.

wheel click to hear : wheel

cheek click to hear : cheek

The sides of the muzzle loading carriage.

wedge click to hear : wedge

Device used to adjust and secure the barrel in a specific firing position.

muzzle click to hear : muzzle

Opening through which the projectile left the barrel.

chase click to hear : chase

Part between the muzzle and the second reinforce.

second reinforce click to hear : second reinforce

Part between the first reinforce and the chase and next to the trunnions.

first reinforce click to hear : first reinforce

The thickest part of the barrel where the powder charge exploded.

vent click to hear : vent

Opening in the barrel for igniting the powder charge.

base ring click to hear : base ring

Molding around the back end of the barrel.

button click to hear : button

Ball at the back end of the barrel that was used to lift the cannon.

carriage click to hear : carriage

Base of the barrel that was used to aim and move the cannon.

barrel click to hear : barrel

Cylindrical tube used to fire projectiles.