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tank click to hear : tank

Armed and armored vehicle mounted on track shoes.
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sprocket wheel engine hatch fume extractor track shoe armored plate armor turret wheel track link cannon headlight fuel tank driver’s seat periscopic sight smoke bomb discharger machine gun gunner’s sight ammunition stowage commander’s seat antenna

sprocket wheel click to hear : sprocket wheel

Motor wheel with teeth that drives the track shoe.

engine click to hear : engine

Device converting the combustion of fuel and air into mechanical energy.

hatch click to hear : hatch

Small opening on the turret that the crew uses to enter and leave the tank.

fume extractor click to hear : fume extractor

Device that disperses fumes and gas resulting from cannon fire and prevents them from entering the tank.

track shoe click to hear : track shoe

Chain of articulated track runners between the wheels and the ground; it allows the tank to move over uneven terrain.

armored plate click to hear : armored plate

Metal plate covering the armor for greater protection.

armor click to hear : armor

Metal covering used to protect against dangers such as light projectiles, shell bursts and radiation.

turret click to hear : turret

Pivoting armored enclosure that houses the tank’s weaponry and aiming devices.

wheel click to hear : wheel

One of the circular devices that support the tank and stretch and align the track shoe.

track link click to hear : track link

One of a series of articulated pieces that forms the track shoe.

cannon click to hear : cannon

Piece of artillery used to fire shells (projectiles).

headlight click to hear : headlight

Lamp on the front of the vehicle to light up the space in front.

fuel tank click to hear : fuel tank

Armored reservoir for the fuel powering the vehicle.

driver’s seat click to hear : driver’s seat

Seat occupied by the tank driver.

periscopic sight click to hear : periscopic sight

Optical device used to target an object separated from the observer by an obstacle.

smoke bomb discharger click to hear : smoke bomb discharger

Launching device used to shroud the tank in artificial smoke to conceal a change in its firing position.

machine gun click to hear : machine gun

Automatic weapon that fires in bursts.

gunner’s sight click to hear : gunner’s sight

Optical device with mirrors used by the gunner to survey the ground ahead from inside the tank.

ammunition stowage click to hear : ammunition stowage

Compartments used to store projectiles.

commander’s seat click to hear : commander’s seat

Position occupied by the tank commander, who directs combat operations.

antenna click to hear : antenna

Device that emits and receives radio waves.