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basket click to hear : basket

Traditionally wicker gondola that is suspended from the balloon; it holds passengers, fuel cylinders and flight instruments.
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hardwood base basket handle padding thermometer flight instruments blast valve heating coil wicker basket altimeter variometer load support fuel lines burner

hardwood base click to hear : hardwood base

Wooden floor that supports the passengers and any equipment carried in the basket.

basket handle click to hear : basket handle

One of the parts used to hold and move the basket; they are also used as a means of anchoring the basket to the ground where necessary.

padding click to hear : padding

Leather or foam trimming around the basket’s upper rim that improves passenger comfort.

thermometer click to hear : thermometer

Instrument that measures the temperature of the ambient air or of the hot air inside the envelope.

flight instruments click to hear : flight instruments

Devices by which the pilot navigates and controls the flight; they include an altimeter, variometer, thermometer, compass and GPS.

blast valve click to hear : blast valve

Part that opens so fuel can enter the burner.

heating coil click to hear : heating coil

Tubing in which liquid fuel from the cylinders is heated; the fuel emerges as a gas and is then lit by a pilot flame.

wicker basket click to hear : wicker basket

Very sturdy yet pliant gondola that can absorb the impact of landing.

altimeter click to hear : altimeter

Device that indicates the balloon’s altitude.

variometer click to hear : variometer

Device that indicates the balloon’s vertical rate of climb or descent.

load support click to hear : load support

Rigid framework that supports the burner; the basket suspension cables are attached to it.

fuel lines click to hear : fuel lines

Flexible hoses that connect the fuel cylinders to the burner.

burner click to hear : burner

Flame-producing adjustable apparatus that heats the air inside the balloon; the pilot turns it on from time to time.