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glider click to hear : glider

Small engineless aircraft that is launched by a tow plane and stays aloft on air currents.
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rudder vertical stabilizer elevator horizontal stabilizer fuselage trailing edge wing tip leading edge nose cockpit canopy aileron air brake wings tail

rudder click to hear : rudder

Articulated flap at the rear of the vertical stabilizer that steers the aircraft and corrects any yaw that might occur.

vertical stabilizer click to hear : vertical stabilizer

Fixed vertical part of the tail assembly that keeps the aircraft stable.

elevator click to hear : elevator

Articulated flap that is attached to the trailing edge of the horizontal stabilizer; it is used to change altitude and correct any pitch that may occur.

horizontal stabilizer click to hear : horizontal stabilizer

One of two wings acting as the glider’s horizontal fins; they are used to stabilize its horizontal movement.

fuselage click to hear : fuselage

Body of the glider to which the wings are attached; it is shaped to travel easily through the air.

trailing edge click to hear : trailing edge

Back edge of the wing.

wing tip click to hear : wing tip

Tapered piece that forms the lateral end of the wing.

leading edge click to hear : leading edge

Front edge of the wing.

nose click to hear : nose

Leading tip of the fuselage.

cockpit canopy click to hear : cockpit canopy

Glass surface covering the cockpit; it opens to provide access to the cockpit.

aileron click to hear : aileron

Jointed movable flap on the rear edge of the wing; it is used to maneuver the glider by adjusting wing lift.

air brake click to hear : air brake

Movable aerodynamic flap that is located on the wing; it is usually used to slow the glider during landing.

wings click to hear : wings

Horizontal surfaces that are acted upon by aerodynamic forces to keep the glider aloft.

tail click to hear : tail

Rear part of the fuselage.