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hang gliding pilot click to hear : hang gliding pilot

Person who flies a hang glider; an experienced pilot can skillfully use air currents to stay aloft for several hours at a time.
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flight bag hang point harness control bar airframe

flight bag click to hear : flight bag

Insulated bag attached to the harness that might be equipped with a reserve parachute; the pilot slides into it to maneuver the hang glider from a prone position.

hang point click to hear : hang point

Part where the harness is attached to the hang glider frame.

harness click to hear : harness

Arrangement of straps that connects the pilot to the hang glider.

control bar click to hear : control bar

Lower part of the airframe that enables the pilot to maneuver the hang glider.

airframe click to hear : airframe

Triangular metal skeleton at the intersection of the keel and the crossbar.