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parachute click to hear : parachute

Equipment consisting of a canopy that is connected to a harness by suspension lines; it is deployed at a given altitude to slow a sky diver’s descent.
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sky diver pilot chute slider brake loop suspension line canopy stabilizer harness

sky diver click to hear : sky diver

Person who jumps with a parachute; this individual might compete in free fall or canopy maneuvers, landing accuracy or other kinds of events.

pilot chute click to hear : pilot chute

Small parachute that deploys the canopy; to open the parachute, the sky diver opens the pilot chute, which pulls the canopy out of the pack.

slider click to hear : slider

Part that slows down the deployment of the canopy to absorb the impact of deceleration as it opens up.

brake loop click to hear : brake loop

Two cables that control the parachute’s direction.

suspension line click to hear : suspension line

Cables that connect the canopy to the harness.

canopy click to hear : canopy

Structure made of fabric cells that, when filled with air, forms a rectangular surface with the aerodynamic properties of an airplane wing.

stabilizer click to hear : stabilizer

Fabric triangle attached to the sides of the canopy; it is used primarily to stabilize the parachute.

harness click to hear : harness

Arrangement of straps that connects the sky diver to the suspension lines of the main and reserve canopies; it is stowed in a pack before departure.