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protective equipment click to hear : protective equipment

Because of the violent contact and frequency of falls, football players wear heavy protective equipment.
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rib pad chest protector arm guard shoulder pad hip pad lumbar pad

rib pad click to hear : rib pad

Rigid jacket designed to protect the rib cage.

chest protector click to hear : chest protector

Heavily padded vest that protects the football player’s chest and back.

arm guard click to hear : arm guard

Padded piece of equipment that protects the player’s arms.

shoulder pad click to hear : shoulder pad

Piece of equipment that consists of rigid molded plastic designed to protect the shoulder.

hip pad click to hear : hip pad

Piece of equipment consisting of three rigid molds designed to protect the hips and coccyx.

lumbar pad click to hear : lumbar pad

Part of the hip pad that covers the coccyx.