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fielder’s glove click to hear : fielder’s glove

Piece of leather covering the hand and wrist and varying in size and shape, depending on the player’s position; it is used to catch the ball.
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finger palm thumb strap web heel lace

finger click to hear : finger

Part of the glove that covers each of the fingers.

palm click to hear : palm

Part of the glove that covers the hollow of the hand.

thumb click to hear : thumb

Part of the glove covering the thumb.

strap click to hear : strap

The intersecting leather straps that make up the web.

web click to hear : web

Part of the glove between the thumb and the index finger; it forms a small pocket in which the ball is caught.

heel click to hear : heel

The bottom part of the glove.

lace click to hear : lace

Narrow cord passed through the eyelets to join or tighten the parts of the glove.