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backstop click to hear : backstop

Structure made up of a basket and its support; a team scores each time it puts the ball into the opposing team’s basket.
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padded base backboard support padded upright rim net backboard basket

padded base click to hear : padded base

Base covered with protective padding; it supports and stabilizes the backstop and must be at least 2 m from the end line.

backboard support click to hear : backboard support

Oblique piece that supports the backboard and the basket.

padded upright click to hear : padded upright

Vertical piece covered with protective padding; it holds the backboard support.

rim click to hear : rim

Circular orange piece on which the net is mounted; it is 45 cm in diameter and 3.05 m above floor level.

net click to hear : net

Flexible netting attached to the rim; it slows the ball when it passes through the basket.

backboard click to hear : backboard

Rigid board attached to the back of the basket; it is usually made of transparent material so that spectators behind the basket can follow the action.

basket click to hear : basket

Structure made up of a net mounted on a rim; a basket is worth two or three points, depending on where the shot was taken from.