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field click to hear : field

Oval surface covered with natural or synthetic grass on which a cricket match is played; it is made up of a pitch and a field.
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pitch delivery return crease umpire bowler bowling crease popping crease wicket wicketkeeper batsman

pitch click to hear : pitch

Rectangular surface in midfield where the bowler and the batsman face each other; it contains two wickets that are about 20 m apart.

delivery click to hear : delivery

Thrown at speeds reaching 165 km/h, the ball usually bounces once before reaching the batsman.

return crease click to hear : return crease

The two lines on each side of wicket that demarcate the space in which the ball must be thrown or hit.

umpire click to hear : umpire

Official responsible for applying the rules of delivery; this umpire is positioned behind the bowler’s wicket.

bowler click to hear : bowler

Player who throws the ball toward the opposing batsman, who stands in front of the wicket; if the bowler topples the wicket, the batsman is retired.

bowling crease click to hear : bowling crease

Line perpendicular to the return crease; the wicket is embedded in the center of it.

popping crease click to hear : popping crease

Line drawn 1.22 m from the wicket; at the end of a run, the batsman is safe after touching the ground behind this line with the bat or a part of the body.

wicket click to hear : wicket

Piece made up of stumps with detachable bails; a defender can retire a batsman by toppling the wicket before the batsman completes the run between wickets.

wicketkeeper click to hear : wicketkeeper

Player positioned behind the batting wicket; the only defensive player who wears gloves, the wicketkeeper tries to catch balls missed by the batsman.

batsman click to hear : batsman

Player who takes position to hit the ball and protect the wicket; each time the player runs between the two wickets before the ball arrives, one point is scored.