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Oval surface covered with natural or synthetic grass on which a cricket match is played; it is made up of a pitch and a field.
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screen click to hear : screen

Rectangular surface behind each wicket; it minimizes distraction so that the batsman can follow the movement of the ball.

bowler click to hear : bowler

Player who throws the ball toward the batsman; the throw is made without bending the elbow and usually after running a few meters.

wicketkeeper click to hear : wicketkeeper

Player positioned behind the batting wicket; the only defensive player who wears gloves, the wicketkeeper tries to catch balls missed by the batsman.

umpire click to hear : umpire

Official who enforces the rules; positioned to the side of the batsman’s wicket, this umpire signals when a batsman is retired or when there is an infraction.

umpire click to hear : umpire

Official responsible for applying the rules of delivery; this umpire is positioned behind the bowler’s wicket.

pitch click to hear : pitch

Rectangular surface in midfield where the bowler and the batsman face each other; it contains two wickets that are about 20 m apart.

fielders click to hear : fielders

The team in the field, or the defending team, must catch the ball hit by the batsman and throw it toward one of the wickets to topple it.