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field click to hear : field

Rectangular surface covered with natural or synthetic grass on which a rugby game is played; a game consists of two 40-minute periods.
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flag 10 m line 22 m line goal line dead ball line goal touch line 15 m line touch judge referee 5 m line halfway line in goal

flag click to hear : flag

Small post with a flag on top that is located where the touch line meets the dead ball line, the goal line, the 22 m line and the halfway line; it marks the outer edges of the playing field.

10 m line click to hear : 10 m line

Line parallel to the halfway line and 10 m from it; it marks the minimum distance the ball must travel during the kickoff.

22 m line click to hear : 22 m line

Line parallel to the goal line and 23 m from it; it is where the ball is put back into play after a kickoff.

goal line click to hear : goal line

Line marking the start of the in-goal zone.

dead ball line click to hear : dead ball line

Line marking the end of the in-goal zone.

goal click to hear : goal

Frame consisting of two uprights and a crossbar; a team scores points by kicking the ball between the uprights.

touch line click to hear : touch line

Line along the sides of the playing field; when the ball crosses this line, it is thrown back into play by a line-out.

15 m line click to hear : 15 m line

Line parallel to the touch line and 15 m from it; a player is not allowed to stand behind this line during a line-out.

touch judge click to hear : touch judge

Official whose role includes signaling when the ball leaves the field of play and when a field goal is scored (the ball passes between the goals posts and over the crossbar).

referee click to hear : referee

Official responsible for applying the rules; this individual keeps track of time, signals infractions and can expel a player from a game.

5 m line click to hear : 5 m line

Line parallel to the touch line and 5 m from it; it marks the position of the first player in a line-out formation.

halfway line click to hear : halfway line

Line separating the field into two sides, one for each team; the kickoff is held on the halfway line.

in goal click to hear : in goal

Zone in which a try is scored; worth five points, a try is scored when the player grounds the ball in the opposing in goal.