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court click to hear : court

Hard rectangular surface (9 m x 18 m) on which a volleyball game is played; the first team to win three sets wins the game.
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attack line net center back right back linesman sideline referee center attacker right attacker libero white tape antenna post vertical side band left back attack zone left attacker umpire scorer players’ bench back zone clear space end line volleyball

attack line click to hear : attack line

Line 3 m from the net; the backs must make attack hits from behind this line.

net click to hear : net

Loosely stitched divider stretched across the middle of the court; players must hit the ball over it.

center back click to hear : center back

Position in the back zone; this player’s main role is to recover long balls and blocked balls.

right back click to hear : right back

Position on the right side of the back zone; this player’s main role is making digs on short balls.

linesman click to hear : linesman

One of four officials who use a red flag to signal a dead ball, service faults, contact with the antennas, etc.

sideline click to hear : sideline

Line that demarcates the sides of the play area; a rally ends when the ball falls outside the sideline.

referee click to hear : referee

Official responsible for applying the rules; this individual follows the game from a raised platform set up at one end of the net.

center attacker click to hear : center attacker

Position that covers the center of the attack zone; this player’s main role is to counter the opponent’s attacks.

right attacker click to hear : right attacker

Position to the right of the attack zone; this player’s main role is making attack hits to score points.

libero click to hear : libero

Position specialized in receiving serves; this player only plays back while other teammates change positions during the course of a game.

white tape click to hear : white tape

Strip of tape with a cable passing through it; it is attached to posts to suspend the net.

antenna click to hear : antenna

Flexible rods at each end of the net; they mark off the net area and the ball must stay inside them to remain in play.

post click to hear : post

Upright used to stretch the net using white tape; the top of the net is just over 2 m above floor level.

vertical side band click to hear : vertical side band

Vertical strip of white canvas at the ends of the net.

left back click to hear : left back

Position on the left side of the back zone; this player’s main role is making digs on short balls.

attack zone click to hear : attack zone

Area between the net and the attack line; it is usually occupied by the attackers.

left attacker click to hear : left attacker

Position to the left of the attack zone; this player’s main role is making attack hits to score points.

umpire click to hear : umpire

Official who signals net faults or faults committed on the attack line and advises the referee when required.

scorer click to hear : scorer

Official who fills in the score sheet, calls stoppages in play and supervises player rotations.

players’ bench click to hear : players’ bench

Area for substitute players and coaches; a team can have 12 players, six of whom are on the court during play.

back zone click to hear : back zone

Area between the attack line and the end line; it is usually occupied by the backs.

clear space click to hear : clear space

Area at least 3 m wide surrounding the court.

end line click to hear : end line

Line demarcating the ends of the court; the right back takes position behind this line to deliver a serve.

volleyball click to hear : volleyball

Inflated ball covered with soft leather and with a circumference of 65 to 67 cm; it must always be hit and cannot be held or thrown.