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Flat rectangular grounds where the competitors perform their tests; each routine must be executed in precise time, sometimes to music.
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chief steward figure marker letter judge course steward

chief steward click to hear : chief steward

President of the jury who is located behind the C marker letter; during a school test, the chief steward rings a bell when a competitor commits an error in the course.

figure click to hear : figure

Set of codified movements recognized by the International Federation for Equestrian Events; a high-level test consists of up to 35 figures to execute from memory.

marker letter click to hear : marker letter

One of several signs placed around the ring at regular intervals; they act as reference points for the rider during the execution of the figures.

judge click to hear : judge

Person in charge of evaluating the performances; five judges (including a president) are positioned around the ring and score each figure out of 10.

course steward click to hear : course steward

Official in charge of enforcing the rules and overseeing that the competition unfolds smoothly.