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curb bit click to hear : curb bit

Bit composed of a mouth and two side bars; it lowers the horse’s nose and is used in conjunction with a snaffle bit.
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mouth rein ring curb chain lower cheek lip strap ring curb hook cheek ring upper cheek port

mouth click to hear : mouth

Metal bar that is placed in the horse’s mouth; it is controlled by the reins to steer the animal.

rein ring click to hear : rein ring

Round part that is attached to the end of the lower cheek; the curb rein is attached to it.

curb chain click to hear : curb chain

Metal chain that hangs from the cheek rings and passes under the horse’s jaw to secure the bit.

lower cheek click to hear : lower cheek

Lower part of the bar that holds the mouth; it is usually longer than the upper cheek.

lip strap ring click to hear : lip strap ring

Round part for attaching a false curb chain (strap preventing the horse from seizing the arms of the bit’s mouth with its mouth).

curb hook click to hear : curb hook

Part that connects the curb chain to the cheek ring.

cheek ring click to hear : cheek ring

Round part forming the end of the upper cheek; the curb chain and the cheek strap are attached to it.

upper cheek click to hear : upper cheek

Upper part of the bar that holds the mouth.

port click to hear : port

Curvature of the mouth that is designed to reduce the pressure exerted by the bit on the horse’s tongue.