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bed and mattress click to hear : bed and mattress

Accessories that a person lies down on to sleep or rest.
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folding cot inflator-deflator inflator air mattress self-inflating mattress foam pad

folding cot click to hear : folding cot

Portable bed made of fabric that is stretched over a collapsible frame.

inflator-deflator click to hear : inflator-deflator

Device used to inflate and deflate air mattresses.

inflator click to hear : inflator

Device used to inflate air mattresses.

air mattress click to hear : air mattress

Rubber or plastic bag that is filled with air; it usually has a pillow.

self-inflating mattress click to hear : self-inflating mattress

Rubber, plastic or nylon bag that inflates with air by itself, without the need of an inflator.

foam pad click to hear : foam pad

Long thin cushion made of soft material.