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examples of tents click to hear : examples of tents

Tents: portable waterproof soft-sided shelters that are stretched taut over a frame and temporarily pitched outdoors.
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family tent stake loop frame canvas divider guy line wall sewn-in floor elastic strainer screen window window canopy bedroom living room

family tent click to hear : family tent

Spacious tent with several rooms that can accommodate about four people.

stake loop click to hear : stake loop

One of the fabric circles attached to the tent’s outer edge; stakes are driven through the loops to anchor the tent to the ground.

frame click to hear : frame

Structure of stainless steel, plastic or carbon tubing that forms the framework of the tent and gives it shape.

canvas divider click to hear : canvas divider

Partition that divides the tent’s interior into separate rooms.

guy line click to hear : guy line

Cable used to stretch the tent frame taut and hold it firmly in place on the ground.

wall click to hear : wall

Bottom part of the tent canvas that is reinforced.

sewn-in floor click to hear : sewn-in floor

Canvas floor sewn into the bottom of the tent; it protects the interior from ground dampness and runoff.

elastic strainer click to hear : elastic strainer

Elasticized cable used to stretch the canvas taut and anchor it to the ground.

screen window click to hear : screen window

Opening that lets air and light in and keeps mosquitoes out.

window canopy click to hear : window canopy

Canvas overhang that is placed above the window to shelter it from rain and sun.

bedroom click to hear : bedroom

Part of the tent that serves as a sleeping area.

living room click to hear : living room

Part of the tent that serves as a common living area.