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examples of tents click to hear : examples of tents

Tents: portable waterproof soft-sided shelters that are stretched taut over a frame and temporarily pitched outdoors.
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two-person tent stake guy line elastic strainer inner tent zipper strainer canopy door rainfly

two-person tent click to hear : two-person tent

Tent that can accommodate two people.

stake click to hear : stake

Small post that is driven into the ground to hold the tent in place.

guy line click to hear : guy line

Cable used to stretch the tent frame taut and hold it firmly in place on the ground.

elastic strainer click to hear : elastic strainer

Elasticized cable used to stretch the canvas taut and anchor it to the ground.

inner tent click to hear : inner tent

Part of the tent covered by the rainfly.

zipper click to hear : zipper

Closure made up of two lengths of tape edged with teeth that interlock by means of a slide.

strainer click to hear : strainer

Device used to stretch a guy line taut.

canopy click to hear : canopy

Canvas awning supported by a framework; it protects an outdoor space from the rain and sun.

door click to hear : door

Piece of canvas covering the entrance to the tent.

rainfly click to hear : rainfly

Piece of waterproof canvas that covers the inner tent; it protects it from rain and provides an extra layer of insulation.