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flyfishing click to hear : flyfishing

Fishing method that consists of delicately placing an artificial fly on or in the water; it simulates a real insect landing to attract fish.
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fly reel handle drag spool catch foot fly line

fly reel click to hear : fly reel

Mechanical device used to unwind the fly line after a cast and rewind it again to bring back the fly or the fish.

handle click to hear : handle

Small lever attached to the crank; it is used to turn the spool and rewind the fly line.

drag click to hear : drag

Device that temporarily stops the spool while the angler fights with the fish to bring it out of the water; it is released by turning the crank.

spool click to hear : spool

Cylinder on which the fly line is wound.

catch click to hear : catch

Lever that releases the reel spool when depressed.

foot click to hear : foot

Long part of the reel, attached at each end to the reel seat, which secures the foot to the handgrip of the rod.

fly line click to hear : fly line

Silk or nylon fishing line used for flyfishing.