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tower crane click to hear : tower crane

Crane used on construction sites with a usually horizontal jib mounted on top of a tower.
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counterjib operator’s cab tower mast counterweight crane runway hook hoisting block hoisting rope trolley pulley jib trolley jib tie counterjib ballast

counterjib click to hear : counterjib

Metal lattice that supports the ballast.

operator’s cab click to hear : operator’s cab

Cab at the top of the tower from which the operator manipulates the crane.

tower mast click to hear : tower mast

Metal lattice of varying height that supports the jib.

counterweight click to hear : counterweight

Blocks of concrete stacked at the base of the tower to stabilize the crane.

crane runway click to hear : crane runway

Girders along and under which the trolley runs.

hook click to hear : hook

Strong curved piece of metal for suspending the load.

hoisting block click to hear : hoisting block

System of pulleys that work with the trolley pulley to improve leverage to lift heavy loads.

hoisting rope click to hear : hoisting rope

Durable cable of variable length for manipulating loads.

trolley pulley click to hear : trolley pulley

System of several pulleys that together enhance leverage.

jib click to hear : jib

Metal lattice that pivots on the tower and lifts and extends the hoisting system.

trolley click to hear : trolley

Vehicle running along and under the jib; the hoisting rope is suspended from it.

jib tie click to hear : jib tie

Metal cable that distributes the tension.

counterjib ballast click to hear : counterjib ballast

Concrete mass attached to the counterjib to balance the weight of the jib and its load.