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pallets click to hear : pallets

Usually wooden platform for loads; forklift and hydraulic pallet trucks can slip their forks underneath them in order to handle goods.
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wing pallet entry bottom deckboard stringer top deckboard

wing pallet click to hear : wing pallet

Pallet with overhang on one or both of its deckboards.

entry click to hear : entry

Space between the deckboards through which the fork arms enter.

bottom deckboard click to hear : bottom deckboard

Horizontal surface with or without gaps that is attached to the stringer and rests on the ground.

stringer click to hear : stringer

Part supporting the deckboards and providing the gap for the fork arms to fit through.

top deckboard click to hear : top deckboard

Flat horizontal surface with or without gaps between the planks; the goods rest on it.