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There are more than 9,000 species of birds scattered around the world.
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bullfinch goldfinch nightingale magpie kingfisher

bullfinch click to hear : bullfinch

Red-breasted bird found in the woods and parks of Eurasia and the Americas; it feeds mainly on seeds and insects.

goldfinch click to hear : goldfinch

Brightly plumed songbird feeding mainly on the seeds of the thistle.

nightingale click to hear : nightingale

Bird with a melodious song that feeds on insects and fruit; it is found in the bushes of forests and parks.

magpie click to hear : magpie

Noisy omnivore found in trees and bushes in temperate regions of the Northern hemisphere.

kingfisher click to hear : kingfisher

Colorful fish-eating bird that spends most of its time perched by the water’s edge.