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anatomy of a venomous snake click to hear : anatomy of a venomous snake

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heart lung esophagus liver kidney rattle tail intestine gallbladder stomach belly scale

heart click to hear : heart

Muscular organ helping blood to circulate.

lung click to hear : lung

Respiratory organ made up of an extensible tissue and forming a sac; air enters through the mouth and nostrils and flows into the lung.

esophagus click to hear : esophagus

Canal of the anterior portion of the digestive tract; it carries food to the stomach.

liver click to hear : liver

Gland secreting mostly a substance (bile) that contributes to digestion.

kidney click to hear : kidney

Organ secreting urine; it eliminates toxic substances from the body.

rattle click to hear : rattle

Pieces of scale at the end of the tail; the snake shakes them to scare away its enemies.

tail click to hear : tail

Thin elongated terminal end of the body.

intestine click to hear : intestine

Section of the digestive tract between the stomach and the anus where absorption of nutrients is carried out and waste is transformed into fecal matter.

gallbladder click to hear : gallbladder

Small reservoir in which bile secreted by the liver collects before being discharged into the intestine during digestion.

stomach click to hear : stomach

Dilated section of the digestive tract preceding the intestine; it receives food to be digested.

belly scale click to hear : belly scale

Each of the short wide fine scales that are set in a single row and cover the snake’s belly.