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tension block click to hear : tension block

Parts used to control thread tension.
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tension disk tension dial eyelet tension guide yarn rod yarn clip yarn tension unit tension spring

tension disk click to hear : tension disk

Each of the parts between which the thread passes during threading.

tension dial click to hear : tension dial

Button that adjusts the tension based on the type of thread.

eyelet click to hear : eyelet

Hole through which the thread is passed.

tension guide click to hear : tension guide

Part used to direct the thread.

yarn rod click to hear : yarn rod

Piece connected to the knitting machine; its function is to support the tension mechanism.

yarn clip click to hear : yarn clip

Piece that holds the thread when it is not being used.

yarn tension unit click to hear : yarn tension unit

Piece used to guide the thread toward the tension spring and keep it taut.

tension spring click to hear : tension spring

Spindle that maintains thread tension.