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knitting click to hear : knitting

Creating fabric by using needles to form interlacing stitches.
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crochet hook flat part hook knitting needle head shank point knitting measure cast-on stitches circular needle

crochet hook click to hear : crochet hook

Instrument used to recover a lost stitch, create trim and certain seams, etc.

flat part click to hear : flat part

Flat section used to handle the crochet hook.

hook click to hear : hook

The curved extremity used to catch the thread.

knitting needle click to hear : knitting needle

Rigid cylindrical rod used in pairs to knit a piece of fabric.

head click to hear : head

Piece that holds the stitches and prevents them from sliding off the shank.

shank click to hear : shank

Elongated thin part between the head and the point; its length and diameter vary, depending on the desired stitch.

point click to hear : point

Tapered end allowing the needle to be easily inserted in the stitches.

knitting measure click to hear : knitting measure

Instrument used to measure the diameter of needles and to take measurements of a work in progress.

cast-on stitches click to hear : cast-on stitches

Loops that form the starting point of a piece of fabric.

circular needle click to hear : circular needle

Needle used for circular knitting, for seamless pieces or flat pieces with a great number of stitches.