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stitch patterns click to hear : stitch patterns

Arrangement of groups of stitches in one or several rows; they are worked until they form a regularly repeated design or feature.
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garter stitch cable stitch basket stitch stocking stitch rib stitch sample moss stitch

garter stitch click to hear : garter stitch

Stitch obtained by a succession of plain stitches on all the rows.

cable stitch click to hear : cable stitch

Stitch obtained by reversing the stitches on a row to form an overlap.

basket stitch click to hear : basket stitch

Stitch obtained by alternating squares composed of plain stitches with squares composed of purl stitches.

stocking stitch click to hear : stocking stitch

Stitch obtained by alternating a plain row with a purl row.

rib stitch click to hear : rib stitch

Stitch obtained by alternating plain and purl stitches and by repeating the same order on the following rows.

sample click to hear : sample

Square sample used to calculate the number of stitches and rows on a 5 cm2 surface so that a consistent pattern can be established.

moss stitch click to hear : moss stitch

Stitch obtained by alternating a plain stitch with a purl stitch on one row, and then reversing the order on the next.