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fasteners click to hear : fasteners

Accessories used to open or close a garment.
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hook and eyes straight eye ring round eye hook snap ball socket shank button sew-through buttons safety pin

hook and eyes click to hear : hook and eyes

Fasteners formed of a metal hook inserted into a round eye or a straight eye.

straight eye click to hear : straight eye

Piece in which the hook is inserted.

ring click to hear : ring

Curved end of the round eye used to attach it to a piece of fabric.

round eye click to hear : round eye

Horseshoe-shaped ring to which the hook attaches.

hook click to hear : hook

Curved piece that fits into a round eye or a straight eye to attach or do up a garment.

snap click to hear : snap

Fastening mechanism made of a socket disk and a ball disk that snap shut when pressed together.

ball click to hear : ball

socket click to hear : socket

shank button click to hear : shank button

Button with a metal ring that the thread passes through to sew it to a piece of fabric.

sew-through buttons click to hear : sew-through buttons

Buttons with two or four holes that the thread passes through to sew them to a piece of fabric.

safety pin click to hear : safety pin

Curved metal stem that forms a spring; the pointed extremity of its flexible arm is kept in place by a hook.