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orbiter (Viking) click to hear : orbiter (Viking)

Part of the probe that flies over a celestial body before placing itself in orbit around the latter and studying it; the two Viking orbiters were launched in 1975.
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thruster engine star tracker solar panel infrared thermal mapper camera attitude control thruster low gain antenna high gain antenna

thruster engine click to hear : thruster engine

Machine that burns a liquid fuel mixture, thereby providing thrust.

star tracker click to hear : star tracker

Instrument that serves to direct the probe, in Viking’s case pointing it toward the star Canopus.

solar panel click to hear : solar panel

Power supply device that converts solar energy into immediately usable electrical energy.

infrared thermal mapper click to hear : infrared thermal mapper

Instrument used to analyze the surface and atmosphere of a celestial body by measuring its temperature variations.

camera click to hear : camera

Captures thousands of images, thereby providing an overall view of the celestial body.

attitude control thruster click to hear : attitude control thruster

Small rocket engine that directs the orbiter to the desired position.

low gain antenna click to hear : low gain antenna

Secondary antenna used to communicate with Earth when the high gain antenna cannot be used.

high gain antenna click to hear : high gain antenna

Principal antenna pointed toward Earth to transmit large quantities of scientific data as well as photographs.