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meteorite click to hear : meteorite

Fragment of rock, iron or another mineral that crashes into Earth instead of completely burning up as it crosses the atmosphere.
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stony meteorites iron meteorite stony-iron meteorite achondrite chondrite

stony meteorites click to hear : stony meteorites

Meteorites composed mainly of rocky matter. Divided into two groups: chondrites and achondrites.

iron meteorite click to hear : iron meteorite

Meteorite consisting mainly of iron and nickel, marked by small faults.

stony-iron meteorite click to hear : stony-iron meteorite

The rarest class of meteorites, characterized by the presence of almost equal quantities of rocky matter and metals.

achondrite click to hear : achondrite

Meteorite whose composition is similar to that of certain terrestrial rocks; believed to come from the Moon or from Mars.

chondrite click to hear : chondrite

The most common meteorite, characterized by the presence of rock or sulfurous matter in the form of minuscule spheres (chondrules).