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celestial bodies image

celestial bodies
Denotes any mass of natural matter of a certain size, located in space.

planets and satellites image

planets and satellites
Planets, dwarf planets and plutoids orbit the Sun, satellites orbit the planets. They are represented from left to right from the Sun, based on their relative sizes.

meteorite image

Fragment of rock, iron or another mineral that crashes into Earth instead of completely burning up as it crosses the atmosphere.

comet image

Small icy body that partially evaporates as it approaches the Sun; made up of a head with a solid core and tails composed of gas and dust.

star image

A sphere of gas massive enough to generate light and heat through nuclear reactions that transform hydrogen into helium in its core.

solar system image

solar system
Region of our galaxy under the influence of the Sun; includes eight planets and their natural satellites as well as one dwarf planet, two plutoids, asteroids and comets.

Sun image

Star composed of 92.1% hydrogen atoms and 7.8% helium atoms, around which the planets gravitate; represents more than 99.8% of the solar system’s total mass.

Moon image

Earth’s only natural satellite; devoid of water and atmosphere, it displays a highly uneven surface.

galaxy image

Grouping of stars and interstellar matter linked together by gravitation; each galaxy comprises an average of 100 billion stars.