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star click to hear : star

A sphere of gas massive enough to generate light and heat through nuclear reactions that transform hydrogen into helium in its core.
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brown dwarf main-sequence star planetary nebula black dwarf low-mass stars red giant white dwarf nova massive stars supergiant neutron star supernova pulsar black hole

brown dwarf click to hear : brown dwarf

Star whose mass is not sufficient to generate a nuclear reaction.

main-sequence star click to hear : main-sequence star

Star whose mass is sufficient to generate a nuclear reaction.

planetary nebula click to hear : planetary nebula

Expanding gaseous envelope that corresponds to the external layer of a red giant that is gradually fading away.

black dwarf click to hear : black dwarf

Dead star, likely the residue of a dwarf that has totally exhausted its energy resources.

low-mass stars click to hear : low-mass stars

Stars whose mass is less than 1.5 times that of the Sun.

red giant click to hear : red giant

An old star whose hydrogen reserve has been exhausted; its luminosity can be 100 times that of the Sun.

white dwarf click to hear : white dwarf

An old, extremely dense star of faint luminosity, formed by the nucleus of a red giant contracting until it reaches the size of Earth.

nova click to hear : nova

A white dwarf that assimilates gaseous matter from a neighboring star, suddenly becoming extremely bright before it returns to its initial brightness.

massive stars click to hear : massive stars

Stars whose mass is more than 1.5 times that of the Sun; can be up to 50 times the mass of the Sun.

supergiant click to hear : supergiant

An old, extremely luminous star of considerable mass; its diameter can be as much as 100 times that of the Sun.

neutron star click to hear : neutron star

Star formed of compressed neutrons, believed to be the residue of a supernova explosion.

supernova click to hear : supernova

A supergiant that collapses onto itself and explodes with such force that it releases more energy than millions of suns.

pulsar click to hear : pulsar

A neutron star that rotates rapidly on itself, thereby emitting regular radio waves.

black hole click to hear : black hole

Results when the core of a massive star collapses; the gravitational force is so strong that not even light can escape.