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phases of the Moon click to hear : phases of the Moon

Changes in the Moon’s appearance over the course of a month; result from the movement of the Moon in relation to the Sun, as seen from Earth.
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new moon new crescent first quarter waxing gibbous full moon waning gibbous last quarter old crescent

new moon click to hear : new moon

The Moon lies directly between Earth and the Sun; it is not visible, as the Sun’s light is too brilliant.

new crescent click to hear : new crescent

The Moon is visible in the early evening in the shape of a thin crescent.

first quarter click to hear : first quarter

The visible face of the Moon grows increasingly bright; the lunar crescent gradually changes until it forms a semi-circle after one week.

waxing gibbous click to hear : waxing gibbous

As the Moon moves away from the Sun, its shadow gradually recedes.

full moon click to hear : full moon

The visible face of the Moon is completely illuminated by the Sun’s rays.

waning gibbous click to hear : waning gibbous

As the Moon moves closer to the Sun, its shadow begins to obscure the Sun’s disk.

last quarter click to hear : last quarter

The bright side gradually recedes until it becomes a half-moon.

old crescent click to hear : old crescent

The Moon lies to the right of the Sun and appears in the sky at dawn in the form of a thin crescent.