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elements of ancient costume click to hear : elements of ancient costume

Examples of different articles of clothing characteristic of a period, country, condition or occasion.
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dress with crinoline fringe sleeve short sleeve cotehardie vertical pocket floating sleeve

dress with crinoline click to hear : dress with crinoline

A 19th-century dress worn over several underskirts, including a full one made of horsehair.

fringe click to hear : fringe

Strip of material with hanging threads used to decorate the border of clothing.

sleeve click to hear : sleeve

Part of the garment covering the arm; it can be of various shapes and lengths.

short sleeve click to hear : short sleeve

Half sleeve covering the upper arm and extended by another half sleeve of various shapes.

cotehardie click to hear : cotehardie

In the 14th century, the cotehardie was a kind of low-cut fitted surcoat with long sleeves left open from the elbow.

vertical pocket click to hear : vertical pocket

Pocket cut along the grain of the fabric.

floating sleeve click to hear : floating sleeve

Sleeve characterized by a long, sometimes ankle-length panel falling from the elbow.