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men’s shoes click to hear : men’s shoes

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blucher oxford heavy duty boot rubber chukka bootee oxford shoe

blucher oxford click to hear : blucher oxford

Shoe where the noses of the quarter can be spread far apart to make the shoe easier to put on.

heavy duty boot click to hear : heavy duty boot

Sturdy shoe, with a thick nonskid sole, that comes up to the ankle and is tied with laces.

rubber click to hear : rubber

Overshoe made of relatively thin rubber that protects the shoe from mud and water.

chukka click to hear : chukka

Ankle-high shoe made of light unlined suede or leather and fastened with laces with two or three sets of eyelets.

bootee click to hear : bootee

Shoe often lined with fur, that covers the ankle.

oxford shoe click to hear : oxford shoe

Shoe where the top of the nose of the quarter is attached to the vamp, so that only the upper part of the lacing system opens for the foot to slip in.