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newspaper click to hear : newspaper

Usually daily publication whose main purpose is to report and comment on the latest news of society, politics, the arts, sports and other areas of interest.
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restaurant review obituaries classified advertisements television program schedule advertisement shorts news items column masthead Op-Ed article letters to the editor cartoon lead editorial column rule photo credit line

restaurant review click to hear : restaurant review

Article in which a reporter gives a personal evaluation of a restaurant.

obituaries click to hear : obituaries

Listing of death notices and anniversaries of deaths, cards of thanks and remembrances.

classified advertisements click to hear : classified advertisements

Short ads that are placed by individuals and grouped into categories according to the goods or services offered or sought.

television program schedule click to hear : television program schedule

advertisement click to hear : advertisement

Message paid for by an advertiser to inform readers about a business, product or service.

shorts click to hear : shorts

Short untitled informative texts.

news items click to hear : news items

Accounts of various events with no central unifying theme such as accidents, natural disasters and crimes.

column click to hear : column

Regularly published article that presents the comments of one author (reporter or personality) on a chosen subject.

masthead click to hear : masthead

Space that usually contains information about the newspaper such as its address, main contributors and subscription information.

Op-Ed article click to hear : Op-Ed article

Article that contains the gist of a reporter’s interview with a well-known personality or a witness to a news event.

letters to the editor click to hear : letters to the editor

Part of the newspaper where readers’ opinions on topics of general interest are published.

cartoon click to hear : cartoon

Humorous or satirical drawing; it is often accompanied by a caption and illustrates a news event.

lead click to hear : lead

Short text at the beginning of an article that introduces it or summarizes its contents.

editorial click to hear : editorial

In-depth article that reflects the collective viewpoint of a newspaper’s editorial board.

column click to hear : column

The vertical sections of a page; they are separated by white space or a rule.

rule click to hear : rule

Line of varying thickness used to separate columns, articles and different graphic elements.

photo credit line click to hear : photo credit line

Mandatory mention of the individual holding the rights to the photograph used to illustrate an article or a publication.