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darkroom equipment click to hear : darkroom equipment

Material required to process film and to print photographs in a darkened room.
darkroom equipment image
achat d'image achat d'image

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contact printer easel focusing magnifier enlarger timer negative carrier negative window

contact printer click to hear : contact printer

Frame in which negatives come in contact with photographic paper and are exposed to light to print an image of the same size.

easel click to hear : easel

Frame used to hold paper flat under an enlarger; its movable edges make allowance for white margins on the proof.

focusing magnifier click to hear : focusing magnifier

Instrument that causes the image projected on the baseboard to be magnified and make it easier to focus.

enlarger timer click to hear : enlarger timer

Device that measures the exposure time of the photographic paper on the baseboard of an enlarger.

negative carrier click to hear : negative carrier

Device with two opaque plates that holds the negative flat between the light source and the lens of the enlarger.

negative click to hear : negative

Visible still image resulting from processing an exposed film; bright areas on the original subject appear dark on the negative.

window click to hear : window

Opening that frames the image to be enlarged and stops parasitic light from reaching the baseboard.