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darkroom equipment click to hear : darkroom equipment

Material required to process film and to print photographs in a darkened room.
darkroom equipment image
achat d'image achat d'image

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guillotine trimmer film drying cabinet safelight timer lightbox

guillotine trimmer click to hear : guillotine trimmer

Piece of equipment used to make square cuts in paper, cardboard, transparencies, etc.

film drying cabinet click to hear : film drying cabinet

Enclosure with a device for circulating air where processed film and photographic paper are hung to dry.

safelight click to hear : safelight

Lamp emitting light that will not affect photosensitive surfaces such as film and photographic paper.

timer click to hear : timer

Device with a phosphorescent dial that measures the required time for each film processing operation.

lightbox click to hear : lightbox

Screen that is illuminated from behind and used to examine items such as negatives, slides, transparencies and drawings.