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lenses click to hear : lenses

Lenses are characterized by their focal length (between the optical center and the film), aperture (ratio between the diameter of the lens and the focal length) and angle of view (width of the captured image).
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achat d'image achat d'image

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macro lens wide-angle lens semi-fisheye lens telephoto lens fisheye lens zoom lens

macro lens click to hear : macro lens

Lens designed mainly for close-up shots of small objects.

wide-angle lens click to hear : wide-angle lens

Lens with a short focal length that covers a larger visual field than a regular lens and provides significant depth of field.

semi-fisheye lens click to hear : semi-fisheye lens

Lens with a short focal length that covers a wide visual field; it emphasizes the effect of perspective.

telephoto lens click to hear : telephoto lens

Lens with a long focal length that enlarges the image of a distant subject but reduces the visual field and the depth of field.

fisheye lens click to hear : fisheye lens

Lens with a very short focal length that covers a visual field of at least a 180o; it creates circular images.

zoom lens click to hear : zoom lens

Lens with a variable focal length so that the visual field can be changed without changing the lens.